Total customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do at Silungisa Projects.  It is our aim to provide an excellent long term service to our customers throughout the life of their investment, from design to building and any eventual repairs, renovation and additions.

There are numerous ways to actually set-up and contract construction projects: cost plus, management only, contract per plan, etc. As a custom construction company, we're here to customise our services to your specific needs.

Regardless of how a project is set -up, some form of construction management is the service constant on all construction projects.  It includes project set-up, providing a detailed construction timeline (and sticking to it), ordering materials, scheduling various crews to perform the work, providing you with daily and weekly updates regarding the project's progress, ensuring your home or building is safe and secure, and of course, quality control of the work to perfection.

When it comes to breathing new life into well-loved homes, Silungisa Projects does it best!  If you already love the home you’re in and your location, transform your current house to match your family's lifestyle.  A kitchen remodel, a room addition, a swimming pool, or tearing half the house down and rebuilding it to your liking.

It may come as a surprise, but the construction process is virtually the same whether it's a bathroom remodel or a complete teardown and rebuild. The same types of crews with relevant specialties perform their work in roughly the same order - from initial demolition, all the way to the finishing touch-up.

The relationship between the owner and the contractor is usually long term and develops into a strong bond based on trust and respect, maintained through constant communication.  So, finding a team you feel comfortable working with is extremely important.

SILUNGISA means To Fix or to Repair.  

A view of the Cable Structure and Membrane Roof of the New Durban Stadium that were installed by the Silungisa Projects Team

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