We have painted numerous premises for home owners and landlords alike.  You can trust us to transform your biggest investment, your home, into a work of art that you will enjoy for many years.

Silungisa Projects has developed a loyal customer base painting commercial jobs of many sizes, from small shops and offices, through to large commercial buildings such as factories and schools.

Looks matter and appearance dictates the very first impression given by both you and your business. Silungisa Projects can make sure that your business presents itself in the best possible way.

Roofing and waterproofing separates people from the elements - and Silungisa Projects from all others.  Our team of craftsmen are highly skilled, trained in working safely at heights and pride themselves on attention to detail.

Your roof should not only be aesthetically appealing, it also needs to protect against the elements of the South African climate. Painting a roof is far more advanced than just "slapping on a couple of coats of paint", and requires an extremely thorough preparation. Not only is the preparation important, the paint used on roofs must be of ultra-high quality, offer heat reflective and durability compared with a standard exterior paint. 

After the job’s completion you will have a beautiful investment, with added durability and colour, that will continue to look great and protect for many years.


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