Many people think home remodels and renovations are the same thing, but they are actually two very different processes. Since home contractors understand the difference between the two, it’s important you are clear on what you expect when getting a quote for your home. This will prevent confusing, and possibly costly, miscommunications.

In a nutshell, the difference is simple: A renovation brings the existing setup back to a like-new state, while home remodelling creates a completely new space by adding or removing substantial aspects of the design or architecture.

From an empty plot of land to a complete tear-down and re-build, from the ground up, if you can dream it, we can build it!  Let’s build your dreams together. Regardless of the style inspired by you and completed during the design process, we're here to make your custom home a reality.

Construction work on commercial structures follows a very similar build process to residential construction and renovations, but usually with different motivations and requirements by the building owner. Functionality, retail appeal, employee comfort, the effects a disruption to the workplace has on production, and how the project will affect your business' bottom line are all factors commonly dealt with in a commercial environment. Silungisa is experienced in addressing and planning for all the unique needs your business has during your new construction or renovation.

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